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Affordable Business Development

We are a micro business located in Australia’s Capital Region marketing to government agencies, small, medium and large enterprises. We specialize establishing and developing new distribution channels with the emphasis on technology products and services.

The TP Drum has considerable sales and marketing experience covering a wide range of products and services and we invite you to exploit our expertise.

If you are seeking to establish or consolidate a distribution base in South East Australia or to cost effectively service an existing market, then we have an affordable, flexible solution for you to consider.

While we embrace modern communication methods we are best suited to traditional Face to Face marketing. Our strength is in sourcing and targeting the sales chain links,  establishing and consolidating a customer base through which you can progress and grow in this  region. Our offer applies to any company providing ethical marketable products or services requiring personal interface with potential or existing distribution enterprises, or the end user. This could be in conjunction with your current digital marketing strategies.

*GST (Goods and Services Tax) in Australia is currently applied on all transactions at 10%


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